We received the following note from Grace Scott :”In 1965 Martin High School represented the 15th region at the state tournament. One cheerleader, Mary Sue Mayo, was All State Cheerleader. Only 5 cheerleaders were selected from the 16 teams.
Often times the cheerleaders are overlooked.” 
Some times we get caught up in the action on the floor but as players know the cheerleaders get the fans boosted and that helps get the players boosted also. They are a big part of a team. 
We do not have a photo of the 1965 Martin team that represented the 15th Region in the State Tournament but here is a photo we ran previously of the 1966 team at Martin that Mary Mayo also was a part of.
We did an article on a cheerleader from Johnson Central who cheered at UK and was a member of four straight National Championships as well as her personal championships. It set a record of viewers on this page at the time. Her name was Brooke Davis.
Congrats to Mary Mayo 54 years late!! Quite an accomplishment.
Thanks to Grace Scott for the info