Here is a sport we have yet to write about but has been sanctioned by the KHSAA since 2013. So, though relatively a new one in high school and college, it is catching fire. It is a sport a lot of kids incorporate into their dreams and daily lives.
Currently there are four regions in Kentucky high school sports for fishing. In 2020 another will be added due to growth. This year has seen over 400 2-man entries in regional competition with the top 17 in each region making the state finals at Kentucky Lake May 10-11. However, due to growth 12 more entries have been added to the state competition this year bringing the state tournament to 80 teams.
Region Two had 167 entries. Each school can fish up to six teams in regional competition.
That region takes in our spotlighted athletes for today.
Jackson Douglas and his fishing teammate Hunter Jones of South Laurel have been fishing in the state tournament competitions together since the eighth grade and both are seniors this year. These two have set a record in the sport as they qualified for state competition for the fifth consecutive year. They are the first team ever to do this, making it ever so more special. South Laurel has had teams fish each year since inception and in 2013 one of their teams finished 3rd in the state.
The last four years South Laurel has sent five, five, four, and this year three teams to the finals.
Jackson and Hunter were regional champs in 2017 and 6th this year, with the top 17 advancing. Jackson Douglas landed a 5 lb., 13 oz lunker to take home the title of largest bass in the regional final this year. That competition was held at Green River Lake.
The team of Jackson Douglas and Hunter Jones have been in the top 20 two-day totals of state competition consistently over the years. This year may be the year they win it all. 
This fall Jackson Douglas will be attending EKU on a fishing scholarship, as we have been informed by his proud grandfather Bill Douglas (former basketballer for the Hazard Bulldogs). EKU, like a few other institutes of higher learning in our state, has now allocated money for fishing scholarships. Kids’ dreams of going on to college to play sports now not only include all the competitive ones we may have dreamed of in our youth such as baseball, basketball, wrestling, golf, football, etc… The dreams of some now include boating the big ones and lots of them and then late in life showing their grandchildren their trophies and medals. The trophies now are taking on a new look.
Congrats to our record setters Jackson Douglas and Hunter Jones on another great season and we wish them continued success.