From Dr, Mike “The Missile” Minix comes this post of how it was to be in grade school in the mid 1950’s and play football. Equipment left a lot to be desired. No mention though of using Reader’s Digest magazines as thigh pads as Hall of Fame Coach Walter Brugh used to say. : “This is our Paintsville Grade School Football Team.About 1954-1955.7th grade. Poorly equiped.Seldom fit.No face mouth guards, few hip and thigh pads. shoes or cleats. No doctor. Coach was Jim Chandler, fabulous math teacher. We played games but no records, no statistics, but some of the bigger guys had some fabulous fist fights, one in science class that sent another into the glass chemistry cabinet destroying all glassware. Coach Brugh was the truant officer and sheriff. He paddled us often with his initialled ‘special club’. Sometimes we boxed with gloves during PE, getting us ready for taking hits in high school football. Field standing on is now Mayo Vocational School. Some of us graduated to High School team in 8th grade. Coach Brugh graveled the playgropund to discourage soccer. Was a lot like ‘Kill the Man with the Ball’. Those were the days.”


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